VOOC is a fast charging product owned by OPPO that is implemented in every OPPO phone. Seeing how people rely on their phones heavily in daily lives and also the increasing phenomenon of battery anxiety, we present OPPO a campaign driven by VOOC to expand their market around the globe.

Here, we present you the VOOCDAY. VOOC charges your phone so fast that it frees up a WHOLE DAY each month compared to the competition. That’s 24 hours we’re going to give you back.

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Media And Mass

To tease ‘VOOCDAY', invitations will be sent to the world’s media, KOLs and the public to join us on November 31. The error of the date will be glaringly obvious, sparking online conversations.

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Campaign Activity
24-Hour Christmas Land

In partnership with popular online gaming platforms such as PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground), we will introduce a new Christmas-themed island or area within the game that will last for just 24 hours. 


The new area will be filled with in-game toys and equipment, as well as real presents that players can win in the real world.


Get special real life prizes by exploring the in-game map. Find the hidden crates and take the present to claim the prize.


An extra day of Netflix

An extra day of Spotify

A season of your favorite TV show

A day of free UBER to anywhere

24 hours of Youtube Red subscription

Cash prize

Christmas sweater

Candy cane socks

Christmas phone charger

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Campaign Activity
24-Hour Gaming Marathon

A 24-hour Le Mans car racing competition. 2 devices are required so people can take turns to win the game and work tactically to not let their depleted phone batteries ruin their race. This will be hosted as an online game that anyone can play and as an event in specially designed Gaming Arenas.


We will partner with gaming platform EA to host the event.


Gaming and racing related prizes will be on offer for participants and winners.

Through our in-game leaderboard, people can win prizes for different achievements in the game.


The prizes will be related to real-world ‘epic days out’ people can experience to make their gaming marathon worth it.


  • Tickets to the Monaco Grand Prix anywhere in the world (and flights to get there).

  • Tickets to the best theme park in the world (and flights to get there) etc.

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Campaign Activity

24-Hour Music Festival

We will host an one day music festival that spans 3 different cities around the globe. Each will have a consecutive 8-hour line-up for people to experience and enjoy.

Tickets to the concert will be available to all new OPPO owners who have recently bought the device.

Those who can’t be at the venue can watch the whole day of music live on their device.

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Campaign Activity
24-Hour Block Buster

On November 31 we will create a huge crowdsourced film in 24 hours that everyone can get involved in. 


We will partner with a famous director Joseph Kahn and invite people from all over the world to take part, shooting scenes of their own, joining in by being an extra, or helping to give input on casting and shot selections through an interactive social page.


Joseph Kahn will share a shooting board so people can film their own scene on VOOCDAY. They can submit their footage with the hashtag #VOOCDAYMOVIE for a chance of making the final cut. Those that are featured in the film will win a prize from OPPO.

Creative Director - Matt Nisbet

Senior Art Director - Huey Wong

Senior Copywriter - Oliver Davis