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Couple Version

Community Version

Location Version

A set of key visuals to promote the engaging and friendly community that THE EAVES represents. One targets couples while the other one focuses on the social side of the neighbourhood. By mixing bold graphics and candid happy moments of people, a friendly and approachable look and feel is created. The last one uses landscape billboards to show the property’s view and it’s location, emphasising on the beauty of the neighbourhood. 

Again, we are not selling the physical property, but the potential of what one can experience living in this development. The approach is warm and friendly, non pretentious, and most importantly - genuine and authentic. This concept can be enhanced by creating branded items where people can use everyday.



/ Series of posters around the area:

Theming the area, rebranding the location as a chic area

/ Coffee cup designs:

Collaborate with cafes around the area as a communications medium

/ Tote bags and t shirts