Imperial Blue
Break Up With Beer

Vietnam Launching Campaign --- Being one of the hottest country in the world, Vietnamese enjoy an ice cold beer more than any other drinks after a long hot working day. Beer has always been the first choice of Vietnamese because of the hot weather. The strategy for our whisky brand to enter the market is to go bold and provoke people to break up with people.

Advertisement Display Posters Mockup PSD

Chia Tay Bia Chai = Break Up With Beer ​

The visual direction following the strategy is creating an ice cold / chilled association to Imperial Blue for our audience.

Whisky-mixed drinks are featured on most of the key visuals as part of the strategy to educate the audience the best way to consume Imperial Blue under such weather.


Humorous short stories speaking the idea of breaking up with beer.

Creative Director - Matt Nisbet

Art Director - Chevy Ho